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The American Gravitas Impact Project

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Gravitas Infinitum, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform


Gravitas Infinitum is a holding company, based in Naples, Florida, focused on solving some of Planet Earth's most challenging problems such as waste plastic, CO2 emissions, and bad water. Gravitas Infinitum builds and acquires companies and projects that provide a positive environmental impact, deliver eco-friendly products, services and solutions, and revenues to help reach the objectives in our "Planet Plan".

Gravitas is utilizing our vast business experience to integrate existing technological innovation to create and acquire projects and companies.

The company has developed The American Gravitas Impact Project (AGIP) which is integrating Agriculture, Energy, Environmental, Financial, Social and Technology Programs to Rebuild the American Economy. Our rapid progress and overwhelming acceptance of the project highlights an industry-wide need for advanced solutions and our ability to fill that with a technically superior and scalable approach and standardization across the entire value chain.

Carbotura is a Carbon and Plastic Waste Capture project recycling waste plastic of any type into 1,000s of usable bio-material products.

T4L, Inc. (Transportation 4 Life) is an All-inclusive, hassle-free Transportation Subscription Service based on the Tesla fleet of electric vehicles.

Gravitas brings six core strengths to fulfill the industry needs with our Hemp Economy Services Platform. These are; Purchasing Power Aggregation, Logistics Aggregation, Digital Marketing, Sales/Advertising, and Digital Transformation, Automation of business functions and Social Responsibility Values. These are areas that many businesses typically don't invest in or focus on until much later in their growth cycle. We are applying these six core strengths to a new industry that has a positive worldwide impact.

The Biomaterials Market is Projected to Reach USD 206.64 Billion by 2024, From USD 105.18 Billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 14.5% Between 2019 and 2024.


Gravitas Infinitum, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform

summary of operations

The American Gravitas Impact Project is about rebuilding the American Economy, beginning in the State of Florida by creating 12,000 new jobs in various industries including Agriculture, Automation, Biotechnology, Logistics, Engineering, Manufacturing and Technology. We then plan to roll-out our campuses to other states.

This is accomplished by building Campuses in six regions of Florida with the focus of creating ZERO-WASTE facilities that capture and recapture megatons of carbon. These campuses will be recycling plastic waste, of any type, into usable products. We are adapting and modernizing our agricultural approaches to produce exceptional everyday products.

In 2017, the State of Florida had 545,000 tons of plastic gathered. Only 10% was recycled. 90% went into landfills.

With Our Gravitas "Plastics Translation" Campuses, we can process 500-1000 tons of plastic per day. We replace landfills with a translation capability back into usable bio- materials via our “Biomass Machine” Translation.

Each project and company is driven by the overall focus on ESG/SDG objectives and financial responsibility. Gravitas incorporates sound financial decision making to create profits.

Gravitas Infinitum, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform

Management Team

The Company is managed by seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success of its companies, investors, partners and communities.

Allen L. Witters

Allen L. Witters

Managing Director

Allen Witters leads Gravitas with support from the company’s other Principals and Advisors. Over his 35-year career, Allen has helped shape modern business by founding and operating several leading services, manufacturing and technology companies.

  • Companies he has founded are still in existence today (20+ years) and have delivered billions in earnings and dividends to stakeholders.
  • His companies have been bought by CenturyLink, Hewlett Packard, Di-Nippon, Harris Corp, Sumitumo, Souix Steel, and Pharmacia
  • Managed M&A across 50+ deals.
  • Managed $400mm+ P&L, $3B+ CAPEX/OPEX Budgets.
  • Generated contracts worth $25B+
  • Cloud, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, M2M, IoT and Platforms of all flavors.
  • Led private and public companies - from Early Stage to Successful Exit. Businesses representing diverse industries with operations and distribution in domestic and international markets. Brought major brand licenses to LED Lighting, Electronics markets.
  • Managed operations in 135 countries. Familiar with business practices and social customs in Japan, China, South America, Europe, Middle East and Soviet Republic. Maintained political contacts/relationships within six major countries.
  • Led multiple corporate development transactions and deals ranging in value - from $1 million to $9 billion (e.g., contracts, venture capital, M&A, IPO, convertible preferred stock, equity/debt financings, equipment financings, divestitures) - and managed several post-acquisition business transition and integration initiatives.
  • Secured contract wins with 85 of Fortune 100 and 500+ of Fortune 1000 corporations.
  • Built and led cross-functional, multinational workforces more than 2500 employees.
  • Gained GSA vendor approval status in record time - 19 days from start to finish.
  • Created and acquired several technology patents
  • Earned 2000 Smithsonian Computerworld Award for outstanding achievement and design.

Former and current Advisor to: US Navy; NSA; NRO; DoD/Pentagon; GSA; US Air Force; US Marine Corp; DOE; Whirlpool Corp.; Rockwell International; Litton Industries; ITT; Gilfillan Bertlesman; AOL/Time Warner; Disney; Rocketdyne; 3M; GM/DELCO; TRW; Wagner Spraytech; Wal*Mart; Sears Roebuck; Warner Bros.; Paramount Studios; Sony; HP; Hitachi Corp.; RR Donnelley; Experian; SGI; Government of Belgium; Government of Germany.

John P. Arciero

John P. Arciero

Managing Director

John Arciero is a business strategist, serial entrepreneur, and salesman extraordinaire with a long list of achievements. Through a proven combination of leadership, selling, and management skills. John has enabled leaders and companies to achieve their goals and ambitions.

John was a highly successful real estate salesman and developer prior to forming his first company in the corporate security sector. He grew that company, GRN, into a 250-employee business and successfully exited via a sale to a much larger competitor. He then transitioned into executive sales and management consulting roles in communications and technology and enjoyed a ten-year career selling to mid-market and Fortune 500 clients such as Nucor Steel, GM, Chrysler, Boeing, and Continental. John then launched his, consulting firm, Arciero Associates, in 2004 to assist other startup entrepreneurs and business leaders of mid-market and enterprise clients. Since then he has been involved in several successful startups and consulted dozens of clients across a range of industries including fintech, technology, banking, finance, and healthcare. John’s innovative marketing and sales strategies have yielded high-level client relationships and exceeding sales and revenue targets annually. In his role as a growth advisor and business development coach and leader, he has generated millions of dollars in value for his businesses and clients over the years.

Dan Bryant

Dan Bryant

Managing Director

Driving structural innovation to serve markets and stakeholders more effectively is a 25-year passion. Dan has been a leader in adapting to and structuring change across diverse markets and industries including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, law and real estate.

The management team may be further developed and expanded with qualified and experienced executives, professionals and consultants, as the Company matures and grows.

Jason Gabauer

Jason Gabauer

Chief Financial Officer

20 years of financial and operational experience with a diverse set of firms from the smallest of operations in the family office investment space to his work at a larger conglomerate, General Electric.

Jason’s focus throughout his career has been on creating operational and financial efficiency to each allowing the company to spend the maximum amount of effort creating shareholder and consumer value. Developed a new US based blocker structure to secure upward of $30million in commitments for a real estate fund. Led the implementation of a foreign blocker structure for non-US real estate investors generating more than $25million of LP commitments.

Tyler Wood

Tyler Wood

Managing Director

Characterized throughout his 20-year hedge fund career with having a personal and positive communication style that inspires people to act decisively towards a common goal. He's consulted private clients in capital formation, hedge funds, private equity, and construction of their alternative investment portfolios ranging from floor trading commodity specialists to fintech and algorithmically driven, automated trading systems.

Specialties: Capital Formation, Alternatives Portfolio Development, International Finance, Compliance, and various aspects within the Alternative Investment, and Wealth Management industries.

Luis Camarena

Luis Camarena


More than 15 years of hands on experience implementing custom business solutions for various companies including PGA of America, 60+ School Districts, Multiplan and many other organizations. Strong social skills accompanied by a well-rounded understanding of various business processes, project management, business analysis, document management, sales and marketing, Luis offers a truly unique experience for clients and is a rare example of someone who brings an innovative and positive outlook on problem-solving to any business or technology challenge.

As a Director with Gravitas Infinitum, Luis is responsible for ensuring that all business development, marketing and operations are operating at their most effective capacity. With his extensive background in business and technology processes, Luis is leading the efforts to establish all systems and procedures.

The Hemp plant has many capabilities. It 1,100+ molecules, some of which are very rare and highly valuable compounds. Some are commodity raw materials that can replace expensive materials. Hemp plant is biologically and environmentally friendly.

Gravitas Infinitum, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform

terms of the offering

Offering investors 12% convertible bond, paid annually, with an optional conversion at 2x Face Value multiple (24% IRR) in 5 years.

The Securities offered are a maximum Two Thousand (2,000) Bonds issued by the Company at Twenty-Five Thousand ($25,000.00) Dollars per Bond, payable in cash at the time of subscription, and the membership interests in the Company issuable upon conversion of the Bonds. The minimum purchase is one (1) Bond. The Bonds have an annual rate of return of twelve percent (12%) simple interest, paid annually, with a maturity date of sixty (60) months following the date of issuance (“Issue Date”) of each Bond. The Bonds offered pursuant to this Private Placement Memorandum will be unsecured.


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Gravitas Infinitum, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform

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